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James Harrison Bacon


"I have been writing Songs since the early 80's!!! I've recorded and released 3 CDs in 2 years. I've been featured in LOV3RZ Magazine for 2 years and counting!!! Very blessed to write Songs with NO EXPLICIT LYRICS, something I take great pride in! The Owner of JERSEY BOY DEMO FACTORY was all Songs listed were recorded. I write for the Joy of Writing, and blessings after that is a bonus! I'm very Eclectic, and love many Genres of Music!!! 
Peace & Love to EVERYONE!!!"

James Harrison Bacon's Bio

Originally from Asbury Park, New Jersey, has been Songwriting since the early 80's, and just started doing his originals in May of 2014. Since then, he has released his 1st CD, "After Thought....." in June 2015, and 2nd CD, "FASTER" is being pressed and Mastered at CD Baby and The SoundLab. James is a TRUE LOVER of the old school of R&B, with an eclectic twist!!!

BMI SINGER/SONGWRITER/COMPOSER. James Harrison Bacon imagines a perfect world where everyone puts God, love, and peace first. The answer is that as individuals if we all strive to BE love and peace every day, we can achieve it! He also imagines if God spoke to us ....what would he say? "Why are you living this way?" Why is everyone focused on the darkness of the world and not the light? We truly do hold the answers inside of us.

A true lover of original songwriting. James' strong focus on GREAT messages is the reason why he has moved up in the ranks to #4 GLOBALLY on Reverbnation! 

James feels very blessed to write songs with NO EXPLICIT LYRICS, something that he takes great pride in! As the owner of JERSEY BOY DEMO FACTORY, all songs were recorded in his studio. He has been featured in LOV3RZ Magazine for the past 2 years and continues to get media coverage for his music. James would like to motivate and inspire us to DREAM our biggest and wildest dream. What we focus on becomes bigger, so the greatest challenge is to keep your FAITH intact, PRAY, and block out any attempt from man to bring you down and make you think twice about your BELIEF in yourself. Believe in GOD, you will have everything you ever wanted and can imagine when you stay strongly focused on your MISSION and VISION.